The Parent Done

Are parents not sad and disappointed when they see their children out of normal life? Are there any parents who are proud of their children become criminals start pickpockets up corruptors ????

Do parents not regret their children being prostitutes ???

What parents do not hurt to see their own children destroy their own future?

Dolly and Jarak of one of the prostitution where hundreds of thousands of prostitutes old and young. On their faces there is no face of sorrow and regret for prostitution.

Parents will certainly strictly forbid seeing their children do the work that deviates from the norms of life. But the reality of life says something else.

The prostitutes are still prostitutes and do not care whether being a prostitute is wrong or not. Because the principle does not harm others finished.

The perpetrators of criminals continue to commit crimes even though they are married.

Parents may just be sorry in their hearts for the actions of their children like this. Parents’ hopes and prayers fall apart to see the fate of their children.

There are many factors over this incident that parents may not be aware of or not. It is universe can happen to all human being


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