The Best Friend

Dolly and Jarak provide very high life values. There are a number of lessons that matter a lot to a number of people such as writers.

The author is proud during for along time lived at Dolly and Jarak. Why ?

There is one side of a number of other sides that provide a natural education of the events in the world for true human behavior.

For example like this.

Husband who had already has a family, has a wife, economic income is established but still love to prostitute? For writers this is very interesting.

Why ? What’s wrong with his wife?

According to the prostitute who chatted with the writers he said men want to feel the sensation of sexuality in bed with prostitutes.

For sexual lovers that prostitutes give exceptional satisfaction values ​​on the bed. The pattern of sex games is very good and really able to satisfy the top of the desire of men.

The experience of the writer lived in Dolly and Jarak is indeed a lot of prostitutes who say so to me. So lie or not the facts have proved that the presence of prostitutes is much better by serve sex for men who already have a wife and children.

The whore really expert for sex…The whore was a good friend at bed day and night.


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