Never Change

Change will not happen if only done without a clear and honest concept. Changes at Dolly and at Jarak as whore locations will not produce any results.

Because during this localization Dolly and jarak has stood for many years.

Any changes will not be able to change the face of localization because it has been too long to be localized. Dolly and Distance are settlements populated by many people.

It takes a long time to make real changes.

Dolly and Distance has now changed to other like areas in Surabaya. The streets remain crowded only in a number of alleys lonely.

Prostitution will never die like a crime. It always grows in various ways like the disease that grows inside the human being.

Not effective but to block or limit its development.

Prostitute is an ancient work that always happens until the end of time. Prostitutes grew from the time of the prophet so that this work is also done by men and women.

Dolly and Jarak have always been full of sensation as a localization for lovers of sexuality.


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