Wise Man At Dolly And Jarak

At Dolly and Jarak as the biggest prostitution localization in Surabaya at that time there are many traveling sellers selling various foods and toys.

One seller who diligently peddle food is a seller of fruit fruits.

The author is familiar with some fruit sellers from Madura Island. His name is brother, I called him brother if fruit the figure of men who sell fruit with rombong starting at 18.00 – 02.00.

This man is very familiar with the author. Almost every day chatting with the author when passing in front of the house. There is an interesting experience with this man.

His patience faced life very great.

Although life is not rich but always generous for example selling the price of fruit under the market price. Cheap smile and never looked sad at all.

He sell fruit filled with local fruit and always run out. Either his son’s fate or destiny is interested will marrying a prostitute in Dolly. The prostitute is beautiful and sexy while his son is handsome, about 25 years old.

He was disappointed deep inside, brother of fruit the writer nicknamed him really disappointed though not spoken but from his face. His face told that he really disappointed.

For years, many fruits know the meaning of life. Somehow one day the author wanted to chat with him, he avoided and did not want when called.

From a distance he looks smiling at the author. A week later he died, a sad writer with a good man. Our proximity provides a wealth of meaningful experiences over life in this world.

So wired…..I know him but before he passed away…he won’t see me, avoid me……just look me but won’t talk to me. I call him many time but he still just smile and won;t close to to me…

A week later he died… I so sorry….deep inside…because he is really nice guys…his talks so nice like the fruit…..taste..I really loos him in my life/

This true story is not engineering.


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