Good Services On Bed

Physical care is the main thing for all prostitutes in this world. In Dolly and Jarak as a prostitution area in Surabaya at that time the prostitutes diligently care for V or other organs.

The goal is that customers remain loyal to receive her sexuality on bed.

Customers do not want to get sickness or physical health problems of prostitutes when intercourse. Then the prostitute understands this problem.

The way different every prostitute to maintain the health of his vital organs. Organ V becomes the main focus for all prostitutes.

Here’s how prostitutes take care of the health of their vital organs:

– shave the hair around the vagina

– drinking herbs daily

– avoid cold drinks or ice cubes

– every week sometimes morning walk or gymnastics

– controlling health to the doctor regularly

– wear lotions after an afternoon bath

– wear makeup as needed

Treatment is done so that the physical condition is ready for sex and increase the number of customers. This obligation must be done so that the customer remains faithful to his services.


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