Live Hard

Dollypress dear readers wherever they are, authors have no desire to patronize, incriminate, knowledgeable, intelligent, or feel more than readers.

Once there was nothing to it when the initial make this blog.

For what it is to be patronizing, it feels great no, but it all departs from the heart to share the flavors, share many positive things that come from the localization of Dolly and Distance.

For many years for 30 years live at Dolly and Jarak whore locations struggling with various unknown people but know, do not understand where they come from but know the origin!

Living in the localization of Dolly and Distance Surabaya provides a meaningful life experience for writers.

The experience is not just from the author but 90% comes from millions of people who come to the author’s home. During the dozens as a ‘parking guard’ at home alone with a personal, humanist, humble, honest, and open-minded approach from the customer all the information came by itself.

The author claims to remain as a ‘parking attendant’ even though a graduate of communication graduate with a GPA of 3.31 is almost cum laude. But stay humble and stay closed if he is a scholar with a high level of intelligence.

As a ‘parking person’ then the opportunity to meet, chatting with parking customers to listen to various life experiences. There are positives and negatives even more negative, especially the world of evil.

Start pickpockets, house thieves, motor thieves, wallet pocket by motorcycle, murderers, drunks, sex with whore, drugs, sex lovers and more. They chat with the author after parking at the author’s home. Sometimes writers listen to whatever information they convey. Why do authors believe? Because they claim themselves as perpetrators of crime.

Because the authors always keep their own parking so there is no one else in the parking lot. Over the years the author keeps parking alone with his beloved mother.

From here on the basis of the author wants various things will be about the real experience of the hard life of real life in this world.

Happy reading Dollypress reader. All this is honesty, not lies. Seriously … for the togetherness to always think of the world of evil always look in inside our life.


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