The Legend Location

Dolly and Jarak area which has a long history as one of the most active areas, has a high economic selling point, its name has been legendary in the world.

Only Dolly and Distance are most likely to be irreplaceable even though prostitution has not been here.

The city government of Surabaya legitimately removes prostitution in Dolly and Jarak and now closed for whore stay here.

Dolly’s face and the distance from Surabaya began to be much better and much better. Dolly Environment and Distance began to grow new businesses that benefit the local people.

Positive change for Surabaya city.

The problem is the name Dolly and Jarak remain a living legend for the citizens, especially the people around who had been dependent on prostitution.

Whatever the shape and new face of Dolly and Distance, both names are ingrained for the citizens of Surabaya and will not be erased until the grandmother’s grandmother.

Dolly and Jarak is a legend not just a story but a real experience for millions of people who love happy night with whore, drunk, karaoke.


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