Sex Addict

Sex needs to be the main thing for lovers of sex. Dolly and Jarak are always crowded because the needs sex always increase when there are still prostitutes.

At that time before the permit was revoked by Surabaya city administration, Dolly and Jarak always crowded.

24 hours nonstop always crowded by visitors sex lovers. The prostitutes are very happy with the presence of lovers of sex lovers.

Somehow sex has always been a major need in the prostitution of Dolly and Jarak prostitution.

Prostitution is always busy. One interesting experience is someone who the author know is lovers of sex, hyper maniac sex.

Every day always intercourse with prostitutes. He loves sex very much. Although already have a wife but because his wife is busy working so rarely play sex at home.

So he visited Dolly and Proximity to find a beautiful prostitute.

He is very happy to have sex with a prostitute the reason he loves sex so much. For him if not fuck a day feels dizzy. He become sex addict so must spent a lot of money for fuck with whore.

The writer know him because he told me that his hobby is fuck.


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