Nice Apartments

Dolly and Jarak slowly but surely starting to change. The road conditions are getting better and flatter and the rows of houses are used as the place of business.

Business runs smoothly like any other region in Surabaya.

2017, this year the Dolly area and the same distance as other areas in the city of Surabaya, began to clean up to become a business area.

Localization still looks its traces and many homes for sale. The prostitution houses in the Dolly area are widely sold.

There is a lot of behavior but there are still many who do not sell.

Since the closure of Dolly and Jarak prostitution business continues to improve itself into a business area. Some businesses are growing rapidly like smartphone sales and culinary business.

Business becomes the main focus for people around Dolly and Distance Surabaya.

One of the obstacles of this undeveloped territory is the non-establishment of hotels. If this region stands hotel or apartment then this area will be crowded.

Dolly and the Jarak is very close to downtown so it is very profitable to open and build hotels, apartments, or condominiums.

Hopefully there are investors who build five-star hotel.


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