Sex And Beer

Dolly and Jarak proximity of a well-known prostitution in Surabaya. Various life phenomena that make the author realize the significance of meaning meaningfulness of life.

One of life’s exciting experiences is to love beer.

He’s one of the author’s customers who every weekend always comes rolling with his friends drinking beer at the Slamet Jaya karaoke in the Jarak street. They never drink until drunk.

So every day always drink beer at least one bottle. The author has a customer who loves beer. He told a writer like this ”

I really love beer beer since high school. Initially mediocre with a beer but loved beer after work.

Almost every day drink a beer at least one bottle.

Well … if you meet with friends of beer lovers then we with friends can drink beer bottles up to one box.

After drinking beer at Dolly and Jarak then afterwards we all my friends want to enjoy the sensation of sleeping with prostitutes.

Whore brings joy on the bed.

Beer gives an extraordinary sensation while on the bed playing sex with prostitutes. Somehow this body fits perfectly with beer. Beer does not make us drunk just a little dizzy but we remain self-conscious.

Beer and prostitute into two words that we love very much.

This story is honestly said by one of the parking customers. The author’s business name in Jarak is name parkir Parking 64.


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