Criminal Life

Dolly and Jarak as a prostitution area in Surabaya at that time provide tremendous benefits for writers. Not just a matter of economics but knowledge and experience.

Perhaps for the neighboring or neighboring writers only provide economic benefits. Not just for writers. During the opening of motorcycle parking business, the author interacted with millions of customers.

The author is always learning and learning about the meaning of real life. This means that in real terms because of parking customers who come from different backgrounds, they explain the true meaning of life.

Customer parking writers appreciate sky-high because of them our family can live. Our economy is driven by their presence.

Our business at home is dependent on prostitution but not a prostitute who lives directly in our lives. Loyal customers who provide a living.

The lesson that writers collect in terms of the life meaning of parking customers is life is an option.

The smallest criminals start pickpockets, fraudsters to corruption is the choice of life. They are aware and understand that their actions are wrong. The realize that his live face the police guns but afraid of face the death.

Death part of they live.

They themselves are telling the author that the act of being a villain is a life choice. This method is the choice to live as he want.

There is no other way, because it is the way that suits the conscience. Wrong for others is not wrong for them because it is an option. No one can stop they way in this life. Life or death is choice, they accepted the destiny be criminal.

Nothing can stop the culprit as long as the heart is still pounding, beating, and the blood flow is still flowing.


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