Be Nice

It is not easy to do the best in the world. It is not easy to keep the content that is in accordance with the norms and principles of honesty and goodness.

The philosophy of life on which life is based is not easily lived by everyone. All the scriptures are not necessarily believing people who are easy to follow.

What happens when hatred resides in the heart !!!!

What happens if a grudge stick in the heart !!!!

Not everyone is willing and willing to sacrifice to do good. Not all want to succumb to good.

Many human beings uphold the values ​​of egoism, greed, pride, arrogance because of riches and tremendous wealth.

The bad impact is the split of social and economic life that causes human behavior to change.

A conscience can also be a word of wealth.

The honest and open logic of humanity can ultimately be defeated by greed and greed in man.

So evil is the result of bad behavior. ONCE AGAIN GOOD IS NOT EASY.



ambition is fine

frog alone can miss the moon

everybody can dream

but do not let men invite people to dream

never take the path of dreams

self-dreaming for yourself

let others know the dream results

everyone always has a dream

every dream is not the same

every dream can also be different

dream to achieve that dream

dream as high as possible

it’s your business

but others must respect your dreams

not all dreams can be dreams



with your great intelligence of basic word engineering

with the experience you easily twisted reality

by learning you’re not getting smarter than before

the science you get you misuse

graying hair is not more patient

age increases not add to the ability and obedience

the rate of growth is not as the growth of faith and belief

everyday pray not change anything about behavior

what kind of man are you

riches lie in disarray

the more you rich the more you deviate the treasure

not enough wives if not two or more like the king

your treasures are piled up increasingly endless

what are you doing?


With the advantages of humans can do many things in the world. Physical development is increasing sharply in various countries which means there is an increase in the economy.

A number of intelligent humans make positive changes in this world.

But one thing humans fall into the basic nature of being greedy, always lacking, selfish, jealous, envy, unwilling to budge, arrogant, and always feel right.

One factor is the wealth of the throne, position, and possessions.

Some people who forget who they are when they become rich, a lot of wealth, money abundantly comes the evil nature of man.


If the humans forget who he is ????? Because basically every human being is the same in terms of mindset and desire. Human always the same only the passion, ambitions, goals

Only crazy people who distinguish healthy sane people with others in this world !!!

Tell The World

The author never lied when writing news or articles on

Honestly the author said it.

For what purpose and what lies is that the author wants to share many things about the meaning and meaning of life in this world.

The author wants to share information, news that has been collected for many years at Dolly and Surabaya’s prostitution site.

30 years old. Dolly and Spencer gave great influence to the author so the hope of the author’s experience for many years can provide enlightenment to readers around the world.

Now I am 40 years…..I still have a home there ..since the Surabaya government close the whore business my family and I move from that area but still at Surabaya city. My home now still close from Dolly and Jarak, the distance between 15 Km.

Amin haleluya … shalom e lehem ….. God bless U all readers…

Proud Of Life

Wealth can make anyone can be arrogant or forget anything. It’s as if wealth saves itself from anyone.

With wealth a person can do millions of things in this world. Selfishness in a rich person or a rich person increases sharply and sky-high.

Many people are arrogant with the advantages they have.

Intelligence can make a person arrogant because he felt the level of his spirits far exceeds many people.

Wealth can make a person forget himself so that if you do something always feel right. As if all his actions are always true. There is never any mistake in this world.

Wealth in this world makes many rich people who kill 5 senses.

All the senses always feel right so that they do not want to hear other people’s talk, his mouth is like a faucet that always wants to be obeyed all his talk.

Telingga is deaf only to hear her voice only. His feelings are gone because everything is just him who can feel.

His mindset has stopped because what he produces always feels he is the most correct.

As if this is me, I’m rich, I’m prosperous, who are you? I do not need you, only money and wealth property is my faithful friend.

Forget … forget …. in this world everything has its limitations. Everything has time and opportunity.

Forgot …. are we healthy always? Does it never hurt? Is our soul never sick ????????

Pain can not be bought with treasure in this world?

Only arrogant and high-minded people who deny an forgetfulness, deliberately forget, dare to risk real life in this world.

Everything has its time.

Ambiguous Of Life

Desperation is high or arrogant with ego becoming a good and perfect mix. Both will bring to dreams wonderful wonderful.

It seems as though there is certainty that can be achieved.

Ambitious must have mastered the heart, human mindset so that he had no power over himself. He is the slave of himself by the power of ambition that controls him.

So if it is like this condition and the situation that becomes the focal point of his own interest. Outside of it is nothing, nobody, and completely forgotten.

All centered on him.

As if he was central to all interests. She needs help, help, whatever her name is to realize her desire to come true.

Can all be realized?

This is the name of the greatest weakness of a person when it has been mastered by money, an intense desire, like a frog yearning for the moon.

Because what he wants is not on the basis of the interests of others, friends, relatives, all just on the basis of his personal interests.

The important point is that when our brains are over money then he is no longer human for other human beings. He could be a lethal wild animal.