Love Is Worthy In The World


Anyone in the world must learn about love. Why ? Because LOVE is very important in this live…love is so spread passion and passion in good relation between us with another people.

Love is bridge to know each other personality, deep in heart…so we can share any problem in the world. The key is love…in love we can do much better

Love must learn and learn in relation, in our heart, our habit, in our thinking.

Love is the best for join any relations with many people in the world. In love we must trust each other…no lies….no cheat…all must always trust and trust

No one know about this…….


Life Must Goes On


In this life someone always think is easy through it. In Indonesia has poem like water flow until to the see the sea. It is so easy this effect so very simple.

And many people sometime not seriously face in this life. Only enjoyfull day, never think anything else just having fun all day.

Looks ! Many people do not hard work, think hard, just enjoy as if the rich man in the world.

That’s why human being separate by two kind lazy man and hard man. It mean not all the human being want success in this life. Success material like be rich man.

Half people think Why I like to be rich ? Life must be rich ?

Yeah…life must goes on as if rich or poor…so the point is what the life goals ? Just be nice guy is enough, be smart, or be what?

The answer stay in deep heart, deep thinking and right the personality each other…life must choose ….

How To Avoid Bad People


In many countries bad and good people live and stay together in enviroment such as office, home, or in the school. We can adjust people bad or good from what they look like ?

No, we can not. And we can not to let them go away ?..It is fate from God…bad and good people stay together in this earth.

Why ? Because we can judge a book from teh caover ? We must think seriously before give judment to someone and it must carefully. No so fast suddenly we know hant that guys is bad people ?

We not magician….we can not adjust by like and dislike to give adjusment. It take a time…long process to know bad people as usually the habit is sooo…fuck off…so bad.

It better if we want to know about people bad or good is simple.

First, look how they speak to us….look the impression, look the body language…and look seriuosly what the goals speak to us !

Second look again if we familiar or not with them….if familiar it is ok but if not must beware.

To avoid bad people is simple way like this :

Never accept what they want and leave quickly if the get closer to U. Don’t say notehing just leave….find the best place N…never talk….don look his face…use U filling/insting..that they bad people.

U must confidence that U thinking, U filling is right. Bad people is always unfortune for good me