*Educating is the most important part of the tasks of parents in this world. Milestones of integrity, power, power, and even the success of achieving a masterpiece can not be separated from the role of parents.

*Ideal, honest, smart, and responsible parents are well aware of what their duties as parents are. Parents’ roles and duties are huge and heavy because they have to be done all their lives!
*This means that parents not only provide a living to turn the wheels of the economy in the household. Abundant money, luxury homes, and complete facilities are not the purpose of forming a home.

*Parents not only as teachers for their children but the CEO and owner of the company is the household. So households must be stable from all sides. Like a building must be solid foundation. The solidity of the foundation determines how long the building can survive the various trials.

*The contents of households such as facilities and furniture is only a matter of necessity. Because not all houses should have the same facilities and furniture. The environment affects the shape and model of a house.

*The biggest problem is parents who do not perform their role and duties properly and correctly.

*One of the most important issues is LOVE. A sincere and relentless attention to attention to the development of children both internal and external development. Parents’ love for children should not be disconnected or dispersed. Compassion is not replaced by anything in this world.

* Love…more important…..than other thing in this world……


Human Problem Solving

The issue of life is not always dominated by rich people or poor but the question of life is a human problem in this world.

Anyone can never be separated from the name of the problem.

Whether rich or poor, the problem is always blocked during the life process in this world. Big or small a problem, an issue depends greatly on the judgment of each individual.

Does poverty cause problems for poor people or households? On the other hand, is wealth not a problem for wealthy citizens or households?

The facts prove that the wealth of pile wall walls and fences is getting taller and tighter even plus the guards. The richer the more exclusive, the more apart with the neighbors, and as if more comfortable because it does not want to disturbed.

Privacy becomes the motto for people who feel rich.

The question is whether the problem can be overcome with wealth or money abundantly? According to the authors only economic problems with money but biological problems, human problems with humans, human problems with his ego can not be solved with even billions of dollars.

A simple example of love affairs, whether the wealth of billions of dollars can reach the desired love? To get married may be but to love someone we love, whether to with wealth and abundant money ??????

No one or healthy mind one..girls marry by money … can not buy love…money can buy sex.

Selfish Is Not Good

Each issue between humans has its own uniqueness seen from a different point of view. Human relationships always have intrigue, problem, one of which is personal interest.

In all strata of the socioeconomic class there is always a personal interest to be acknowledged to be implemented. There is compulsion to show interest itself.

For example, cases of revenge to a large scale to kill his own friends.

All that happens because one party there is a force and the other against. Since there is no balance, one becomes victimized.

A case example is romance.

There are times when rejected love can make your opponent and friend hurt. Being too loving but being rejected for a reason then the bad impact wants to reciprocate with a bad thing.

Personal problems between people is very complicated and difficult if all the senses are closed to hear others. Feeling self-righteous, his ego is highlighted so that it has to be satisfied of his personal interests.

The solution should never feel right, feel himself always right with what he wants.

Love is a gift, a blessing, a joy that can not be forced until it can not be bought at any price. So to love or be loved must be with feelings, and ask yourself whether it is correct attitude and actions to have love.

Nice And Pretty

beauty is not all women get

true beauty comes with perfection

beauty is indeed passionate desire

natural beauty brings true love

beauty is always hunted by millions of men

beauty is highly anticipated and adored

who is not proud and feels precious with a beautiful face

beauty is outside and inside

beauty is a blend of heart and mind

beauty not only looks outward

beauty is also on the inside

who is able to keep that beauty

she is the woman who understands herself beautiful

Just Love

love for me is a great gift to my life

nothing else but love ….

love the source of life that occupies the top of the highest pyramid

without love the wheel of world life will stop suddenly

love really gives life spirits

love is like a fire that continues to sacrifice power and energy

the journey of life in the world always begins with love

love always i puja as the initial clue know the contents of the world

I realized and understood to learn the meaning and meaning of love

without love maybe you’ll run aground at the bottom of the cliff

I realize that love leads me in His path

I am grateful to understand the meaning of love

relations between humans … always based on love

love has many names ….

like, love, affection, happy, want to have …

although love does not mean must have …..

love is not about having or not

love is a gift, a grace, to be grateful for not being easy to enjoy

not easy….


I Love U

desire always grows and grows to love you

I love you…

any shortcomings you have …

I know from the beginning know you

for some reason you are able to captivate my heart

Your face is not as pretty as an angel

your aura comes from within you

You give me what you know

you dedicate yourself just for me

you sacrifice full of struggle to the point of last blood

you stand for my true love for me

all my life you dedicate to me

thanks my wife …

you are the true love of love that is in you

you will live all the time with me forever

I Can See You

I … can … love beautiful women …

I can enjoy the beauty of a beautiful woman

I’m one admirer of beautiful and sexy women

everywhere I see it

whenever I see it

I always pay attention to it

I look forever

I want to feel the beauty of her curves

I can … feel the depth of my heart …

I can satisfy her beauty

I’m just that … no more