I Love U

desire always grows and grows to love you

I love you…

any shortcomings you have …

I know from the beginning know you

for some reason you are able to captivate my heart

Your face is not as pretty as an angel

your aura comes from within you

You give me what you know

you dedicate yourself just for me

you sacrifice full of struggle to the point of last blood

you stand for my true love for me

all my life you dedicate to me

thanks my wife …

you are the true love of love that is in you

you will live all the time with me forever


I Can See You

I … can … love beautiful women …

I can enjoy the beauty of a beautiful woman

I’m one admirer of beautiful and sexy women

everywhere I see it

whenever I see it

I always pay attention to it

I look forever

I want to feel the beauty of her curves

I can … feel the depth of my heart …

I can satisfy her beauty

I’m just that … no more

My Love

my love … will not fade with time

the needle’s rotation keeps moving

nothing stopped for a second

just let time keep moving

intentionally rotation always move in the same direction

my love … will not die

sunshine lit my romance fire

the moonlight strikes the heart of the heart

the night breeze cools the power of my love

my love for you always burns like a fire of eternity all the time

everything I give you

everything I give you

whatever I have in you I am giving you

my dear …. I split my chest for you to see my heart

all for my dear wife

silent satisfy …. smile mengayutkan … lying satisfied

How Beautiful Girl Looks Natural

Appearance becomes very important to show the true identity. This means that our self can look stunning and charming if it appears what it is.

Every beautiful girl always wants to look dazzling where she is. Shown natural will further enhance the appearance of self beautiful girl.

The existence of maximum care will be much better.

Here’s how beautiful girls look natural:

=== cutting hair according to face shape

=== wearing lip moisturizer every time out of the house for the move

=== diligent use of scrub after bathing afternoon

=== treatment using herbal ingredients

=== keeping a healthy eating and drinking pattern

=== wear makeup as needed

=== wearing the appropriate fashion body shape

Beautiful Girl


beauty always has allure

beautiful face radiating aura memendar

all girls want beauty

the softness of the soul pervades the heart

beautiful eyes penetrate deeper

caresses of eye gaze melt strength

beauty is always grabbed

beauty makes the more powerful the charm to have

beauty beauty in this world

beauty makes life passion higher

beauty is not boring

beautify the exhausted charm to be enjoyed

all the girls want it

How Beautiful You Are

Beautiful girls always need good care of themselves or others. Pretty not only the front face but the totality.

Beauty beauty has always been the main attraction for many people. Every girl wants to be perfect and attractive to the opposite sex.

Why because beautiful is special.

A girl’s beauty becomes more attractive when supported by her appearance and behavior.

Not every beautiful woman realizes that she is the focus of many people’s attention. Attitudes and behaviors are of great interest to enjoy the beauty of beauty.

This is a beautiful way special beautiful long haired girl:

=== wearing the right shampoo for hair

=== shampoo twice daily

=== always increase your potential

=== maintaining physical ability to maintain fitness

=== Physical appearance should always be light exercise at home

=== every day always focus on health

=== always focus on physical strength

=== keep hair condition by wearing hat when berakfitas outdoors

=== diligent wear hair conditioner to look healthy

It Is Me

perfection is my wish

ideal is the principle of my life

assertiveness is the way I behave

honesty is who I am

courage is my act

intelligence is the result of my brain’s hard work

courage to take decisions is part of my life

not knowing surrender is my decision

Achieving goals is the end result of my struggle

doing good is my sacrifice

accepting risk is my devotion

challenging obstacles is my strength

prostration of gratitude is the end of all my efforts

there is nothing to boast about in this world

What for…..

only love can make me worth going to heaven

the end goal I always go is not the other