How Beautiful Asian Girls Take Care of Sexy Body Shapes

Gorgeous gives perfect charm. Beautify Asian girls not only show the beauty of face alone. Body shape is sexy, well groomed, and looks charming to be the main attraction.

All beautiful and sexy girls around the world are the most beautiful grace. Beauty for Asian girls boosts self-esteem and self-esteem.

This is how beautiful Asian girls take care of sexy body shapes:

=== exercise in the gym with a professional trainer to make the appearance to your liking

=== focus on ideal body shape and sexy

=== Exercise should be routine at least twice a week with a duration of 1 hour

=== every day should assume healthy and quality food

=== maintaining a balanced diet with nutritional intake

=== keep your body healthy with diligent light exercise such as morning jogging

=== diligent eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day

=== body care using herbal ingredients

=== sleep resting pattern at least 6 to 7 hours per day

=== after each exercise can take a bath with warm water after that drink milk

=== Exercise should focus on maximal body muscles



The wheel of life is always spinning endlessly in this world. At times we feel comfortable, calm, well-established economic situation even excessive, healthy families, children succeed as expected.

All will be happy and joyful. As if happiness always accompanies.

But life is not always the case.

Life in the world is like a currency that has two sides of a picture or a different photo. Around the world the shape and image of one side’s currency is always different.

The front view is much more interesting and gives the impression of elegance, steady, a struggle is over.But not everyone in this world can enjoy the beauty and joy like the rich.

Poor people around the world are experiencing the same fate. The rich are also the same.The difference is only about the amount of money, the amount of property, and the number of opportunities.

Poverty imposes limitations on many things except to enjoy God’s creation. All of God’s creations are free and free to enjoy.
Rich people are able to enjoy human creation and are free to enjoy at any time.

Only Love

do you understand the love of my friend

how great is the meaning of love for human life

the riches of love are beyond measure in this world

it is not easy to have that real love

love does not just possess

love is not as simple as to be known

love is not the only way to be enjoyed

love is not like that

love is the most beautiful gift of Him

love … present to please conscience

love is power

love is the greatest desire to love one another

love grows all the time

love ….. is there for all of us

love exists and for us not hurt each other …..

Rich Man

Good deeds are based on a sincere, unconditional intention, without any intention of asking for a reply in the form of money or goods.

Meaning to do good must be so. Meaning good deeds must be right on target, on target, and indeed desperately needed.

So the act is not arbitrary, arbitrary, in order to pursue a good name, seeking fame, searching for sensation, there is a purpose behind good deeds.

No. Not so once.

Believe it may not be that all the smallest deeds in this world have His reply !!!!

Well, good deeds start with little ones not big ones. If a rich person contributes some money to the victims of a natural disaster, it is not something special !!! Why is it because rich people have money.


But can a rich man help someone who needs help according to what he wants?

This is an important point to help someone who is a good deed, a noble deed. If there are rich people who do good to help someone according to what is desired then this good deed is realized.

Because according to the target, as desired, and can successfully succeed the values ​​of good deeds themselves.

Small examples at Indonesia such as helping the sellers of meatball meatball by giving meatballs rombong made of quality materials. For example the price of wood rombong Rp5 million, then the seller must pay per day Rp5000 to be paid off!

Why pay back less? The goal is that all businesses are free nothing but the value of Rp5000 is very cheap and affordable.

Can a rich man help something like this ???????????????

It Is My Life

Dolly Area and Jarak is dominated by whore from out of town. The more prostitutes come from outside the city of Surabaya, hard to find the citizens of Surabaya prostitutes in Dolly and Jarak.

Why ?

Most likely embarrassed if caught by friends, relatives, or neighbors. The prostitutes come from various cities to outside the province of East Java.

So none of the people around Dolly and Jarak chose the prostitute profession.

Millions of real life experiences as valuable lessons have been collected authors, authors noted in the diary. Why is it useful for writers for the future?

For example the prostitution of prostitution is not random or inconsequential to be a prostitute. There is a long process of becoming or choosing a prostitution profession.

Why ? Because one’s self-worth is worthless, inflaming his physique, sacrificing his soul, sacrificing his future.

Being a prostitute is one of the professions in this world that is very heavy and very despicable. How come ? Prostitutes are vulnerable to victims of violence, victims of illness, victims of fraud, victims of feelings, victims of buying and selling, and the destruction of a future when infected with malignant diseases such as AIDS.

This fact is not a lie. The whore need a live with different way in this world, high risk be whore but she know, this is a life, the whore life.

Bad Luck For A Whore

Many bad thing happen to a whore when still stay at Dolly and Jarak. One experience by a whore after play sex with a customer so they take off a moment, rest a few a minute on bed.

It is comment int room.

And customer so loyal give a tips and money more than usually. The whore so happy when recipe a lot of money than usually. Because this called REJEKI (hahasa Indonesia ) or gift.

The customer always pay the price at dark room or light is not clear but still see a money how much the price the customer pay !!!

This is a big problem…usually….this bad luck for a whore if not carefully a account a mount a money because some money is fake money !!!

Fake a money will be problem for customer… customer always cheated on a whore. So..a whore only crying…fave the destiny….one can help if this happen like this.

Raja Tega


Penjahat apapun kelasnya, kastanya, dan lokasinya memiliki kesamaan pola pikir. Selama ini banyak pendapat bahwa penjahat melakukan kejahatan karena desakan ekonomi.


Inilah pola pikir penjahat :

—- raja tega

artinya pelaku memiliki sifat tega yang besar terhadap calon korban. karena di dalam jiwanya sudah terpatri
selalu kejam, menjahati hingga titik terendah. tega untuk mencederai hingga membunuh tanpa ada rasa kasihan.

—- raja licik

artinya pelaku kejahatan entah wanita cantik atau lelaki ganteng memiliki sifat culas, iri dengki, kejam,
selalu mencari kesempatan dalam kesempitan, selalu berbohong di banyak kesempatan, selalu mampu menutupi
kekurangan dirinya demi kepentingan pribadi, suka berbohong, dan suka membenci. sangat licik untuk melakukan

tindakan jahat.

—- raja palsu

artinya selalu memakai topeng akan dirinya, sifatnya benalu merugikan orang baik harta ataua nyawa. selalu
mampu memalsukan banyak hal, suka membuat keonaran di mana saja, suka merugikan orang lain, suka pura-pura
menutupi kelakuan jahat dengan berbuat baik.

Dasar tulisan ini penulis jujur mempelajari selama 30 tahun bergumul di lokalisasi. Jadi tidak bohong karena mereka pelakunya yang ngomong sendiri dengan penulis.