Cute Cheaters

One of the crime modes operating in the prostitution of Dolly and Jarak is fraud. The fraud case has many modes one of which uses black magic.

Prostitutes are often the victims of black-skinned swindlers.

One of the parking lot at the author’s place is called his name Pak No has a black magic to deceive. The trick is simple when playing sex with prostitutes, he always does not pay.

The way used to not pay money to prostitutes like this. Usually fraudsters are handsome and sexy.

First before playing on the bed Pak No asked for soft drinks or drinking mineral water. Before drinking Mr. No immediately sent a short sentence as black magic then drunk.

The prostitute was also asked to drink.

Well, after drinking with them immediately play sex on the bed. After the sex game is over for some reason the prostitute feel satisfied and happy with his presence.

Because he was too happy in his heart the prostitute did not ask for money. Even the prostitute can give money to Mr. No.

After Mr. No left him alone, the prostitute did not realize that he was being deceived. For the next days later then realize that the man is not paying.

But in his heart is still happy to give up though not pay but there is inner satisfaction. satisfaction of sexuality for prostitutes.

This fact is not engineering.


Good Will Soon

Dolly and Jarak both of location for many whore from many village come and stay work as a whore. This is big business so interesting for many rich man get this business.

Since the prostitute location being closed this area Dolly and Jarak quickly change be better.

The whore out and good business get bigger than before like restaurant business etc. The writer get a lot of experience as long as stay at Dolly and Jarak for 30 years.

This whore place make me like a man, brave face the really in this world. I know how to control my life be better, know how to manage business, and the best thing is know how control people.

I learn from many people come to this place. They gave me many experience about life in this live. Not only the whore life, criminal live, bad people life, and also spiritual life.

In this world where we live is okay…many place is well and fine, because bad or good all depend our heart, our vision, mission, and our goals. Bad or not depend how to look and what we want.

Finito good readers.

Life Options

Life is an option, whatever decision will or will be taken is still an option. Regardless of good or bad, good for yourself or otherwise.

As long as life in this world spans millions of options and is free to choose.

Because that choice is a person’s right including not choosing is a form of choice. A prostitute will also determine the quality and quantity.

If a young female prostitute, smart, sexy, and beautiful then he will choose professional prostitution profession that cost millions per night.

Physical appearance affects the selling value of a prostitute woman. Prostitutes are self-conscious about it. Why ? Because a prostitute sells only her body to be fucked by a man. The body will give high price to fuck by anyone. This is sex business, big money.

Then his body that has a sale value.

The prostitute decides that the choice must be dropped – his life to be disutubuhi. The game on the bed must also be mastered well. Service must be maximum so that the customer can come back again.

The choice of being a prostitute does not come suddenly.

This choice is already part of his soul and body that integrates inside him to serve the sex game of all customers.

This is one of the hardest choices of women when they want to be prostitutes.

Just A Name

Dolly is actually just a name that is never written anywhere. It means Dolly’s name was never made for the name of a brothel or massage parlor.

Dolly’s name is really a name that is never used by anyone or for any name, and U can not find that name.

The loyal readers of who are all over the world, the name Dolly is really a famous name in Surabaya or even in Indonesia.

A name synonymous with prostitution in Surabaya.

Dolly actually only occupies a road that is not too wide about 6 meters along approximately 500 meters. However, the prostitution location is getting wider with the location of Prostitution Distance.

So Dolly and Jarak became a large prostitution place.

Despite the end of his history, Dolly and Jarak prostitution has been terminated so that it can not operate anymore. The most interesting is the Jarak name is also experiencing the same thing.

Distance Name is not used to name a brothel or massage parlor.

Name Jarak is only a road name of approximately 1.5 km long. The name Dolly and the Jarak just a name are just a name of the famous highway of all time.

Two Name Dolly and Jarak has become a legend for the citizens of Surabaya …. a living legend of all time.

Be Nice To People

A true whore is a woman who has been in prostitution for the rest of her life. Prostitute for her is a profession that satisfy the thirst of the customer’s passions, including quenching his thirst.

Being a prostitute is not that bad for her. As long as able to maintain good health, maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly then be prostitutes is not a problem.

While still open prostitution business Dolly and Jarak are the best locations for all prostitutes to work as prostitutes. Capital is not too much just rely on physical appearance and sex games on the bed.

Prostitutes do not think of anything else when choosing a prostitute profession.

For prostitutes to be prostitutes the same as other professions are making money. Sex is money so must dare to satisfy the thirst of sex loyal customers.

Being a prostitute does not lose morality, self-esteem, dignity, intregency, and all that does not matter. The important thing is how to earn money by selling self-esteem.

Maybe for people to be an important issue but prostitutes never think about the problems of others. It’s no business for whores.

Simple prostitute affairs, you are satisfied then pay the affairs. Appreciate the toil of a prostitute satisfying the customer in bed.

New Business At Dolly And Jarak

Dolly and Jarak localization of prostitution that became the living legend for citizens of Surabaya city. Like it or not with Dolly’s location and Jarak this location remains a busy and crowded business location.

The perfect location to open profitable businesses.

Now various businesses are starting to open businesses along Jalan Raya Distance. Changes have occurred that must be accepted by all citizens who previously rely on Dolly and Distance prostitution.

Locals around the localization are working hard to find other, more productive businesses. Some of the businesses missing from the closure of prostitution businesses in Dolly and Distance are:

1. Motorcycle parking business and car parking

2. General WC Business

3. Laundry business

4 Business Rice Stalls

5. Business karaoke

6. Traditional massage parlors business

Currently there are new businesses that appeal to local residents such as car rental business, opening fashion shop, motorcycle service, selling new motorcycle tires.

Although there are still a little number of prostitutes who are forced to sell themselves illegally only when the night.

It Is My Life

Prostitute one of the professions attached to one’s soul. If she is female then the prostitute profession will be attached to her until the end of life.

What happens to a prostitute when not being a prostitute again !!! For example a prostitute has married someone who has worked. So no change whatsoever to him even though he managed to cover up his shortcomings. As a housewife or as a businessman the dark side of a prostitute will not disappear on her.

Here are some of the traits and deeds and even the former prostitute’s mindset:

– lazy, lazy to do homework such as washing, cooking, serving the needs of the husband especially about eating and drinking.

– lazy to go to the market for shopping to meet daily needs. prefer to lie down or send a helper if any

– lazy to make innovations or changes in his life. no longer want to live hard or miserable.

– when it is comfortable it will maintain the comfort zone forever.

– his courage to face the figure of unknown men did not recede. meaning his courage is evident from his way of speaking, acting, and taking action.

– like the practical and simple to live life in this world when married.

– though it is great when the bed on the husband serves. the advantages of playing sex remain prominent because this is the excess of whores. experts manage sex games and love sexuality, a big, strong penis that satisfy his enormous sex appetite.

In general, sikapa and prostitution behavior remains the same everywhere why? Because this is the dark side of a prostitute who has been hurt for years.

It’s a history of prostitution at Dolly and Jarak.