Control Science

Science is the part of of human reason that enlightens human life in this world. Changes that occur on this land all thanks to a science.

Science provides extraordinary advantages for humans to make the earth very profitable to fulfill human desire.

Change for change always happens in this world. Every year there is always a change from things to people.

So people increasingly ambitious mengexplore, develop all the intellect that is in the head.

The result of various inventions appear in various countries so that human life develops in a positive direction. Although there are always pros and cons on the results of human thought.

One thing that should not be that human beings are tied to the science and then uphold the science. Then back again the science controls the existence of man himself.

If science has penetrated the existence of human self then this is a humanitarian disaster !!!!

Science is the result of human thought is not to control humans themselves. The worst impact of all the results of thought will use the scientific point of view.

Humans will tend to be positive with the science so that everything outside the science is a mistake. It’s as if the knowledge is always right and the other is wrong.

As if his knowledge as the highest.


Problem Solving

Every mistake made by human beings is a natural thing. Every human being is inseparable from a mistake.

But what kind of mistake? The important point is that the error itself must be seen in a sharp, intelligent, conscientious manner, its weight.

The error itself is human.

The error rate determines its quality, how severe, it hurts the error !!! Is it destructive, destructive, can even kill someone ????

Nature never harms humanity but it is the opposite of human beings who are destroying nature itself. The wrong policy by the government can be considered painful for the people. Then there was a rejection that led to the demo.

Demos are a painful part of the people in many ways.

Well, dollypress error readers do not just end up with apologies, apologize then the affair is over.


Every error must be accounted for according to the quality and quantity of the error. Mistake is a sin, wrong is painful both physical and non physical.

So anyone who made a mistake must be prepared to accept the consequences, accepting responsibility for the mistakes he made. Dare to dare to accept reality.

Use Condom

One of the interesting businesses in prostitution of Dolly and Distance is condoms. Many quality condom products that promote their products in prostitution Dolly and Distance Surabaya.

The use of condoms is an obligation for male customers to be equally healthy.

However, the use of condoms is often problematic because many male customers are less comfortable using condoms.

The reason the sense of sexuality is reduced.

So the use of condoms is less effective and uncomfortable for sexuality in bed. But there are always customers who want condoms.

The dilemma for prostitutes. One side wants to maintain health but the other side of the customer is less comfortable using condoms.

Various types of condoms are widely sold in Dolly and Jarak. Each store alwasy sell any condom with many taste and model from many factory.

Many condom ads are stamped on the doors of the prostitution room to remind the importance of maintaining health.

High Risk Jobs

Prostitutes are always aware that the job of a prostitute is a big risk to their health. Imagine every day can serve customers at least 2 men !!!

Not necessarily the health condition of male customers is healthy physically?

Prostitutes are also aware to always maintain good physical health. Otherwise it is very dangerous for health prostitutes.

One of the diseases that celebrate prostitutes is the spread of HIV AIDS !!!!

Although the disease is rarely infected in the area of Dolly and Distance, but all prostitutes are always focused on maintaining health.

There is a definite time for them to always control the health of the doctor. All for the health of the prostitute itself and the customer to remain faithful.

Nice Dream

Dolly and Jarak are favorites for all prostitutes around East Java to earn a living there because of their strategic location. Dolly and Jarak prostitution localization has a reasonable price for the service of sexuality.

Anyone can fuck the whore because the price anyone can pay.

The prostitutes who work in Dolly mostly dominated young prostitutes around the age of 20 years to 30 years. Generally was sexy and pretty whore like movie star.

Besides the house for prostitutes in call WISMA (Indonesia Language).

Each Wisma has names of interest to visitors. Dolly’s prostitution prepare has an attached bathroom, comfortable bed, and air conditioning.

This makes Dolly more comfortable for customers.

Dolly’s prostitutes are very sensual, sexy, beautiful, attracting millions of vaginal lovers from many directions in East Java and even outside the province.

The customers can also stay until the morning. The price will be up than fuck for an hour, the customer understand the rules how to pay.

The service was also interesting by the male servants who served as salesmen. Last before closing the lowest hourly rate Rp.100.000.

Most expensive about Rp.150.000 per hour

Yes … an interesting old story. That was … a long time ago 6 years ago



with your great intelligence of basic word engineering

with the experience you easily twisted reality

by learning you’re not getting smarter than before

the science you get you misuse

graying hair is not more patient

age increases not add to the ability and obedience

the rate of growth is not as the growth of faith and belief

everyday pray not change anything about behavior

what kind of man are you

riches lie in disarray

the more you rich the more you deviate the treasure

not enough wives if not two or more like the king

your treasures are piled up increasingly endless

what are you doing?


With the advantages of humans can do many things in the world. Physical development is increasing sharply in various countries which means there is an increase in the economy.

A number of intelligent humans make positive changes in this world.

But one thing humans fall into the basic nature of being greedy, always lacking, selfish, jealous, envy, unwilling to budge, arrogant, and always feel right.

One factor is the wealth of the throne, position, and possessions.

Some people who forget who they are when they become rich, a lot of wealth, money abundantly comes the evil nature of man.


If the humans forget who he is ????? Because basically every human being is the same in terms of mindset and desire. Human always the same only the passion, ambitions, goals

Only crazy people who distinguish healthy sane people with others in this world !!!