Sex And Drugs

At a long time ago when Dolly and Jarak still running sex business for the author is a real life science storehouse that is very useful and useful to live life in this world.

Why not ?

Because the reality of life is always dynamic, growing endlessly, and not endless. Imagine one location that lives 24 non stop always visited by many lovers of the night world.

Visited by many people around Surabaya and outside the city of Surabaya.

At that time, the business thrived so that the author could go to college thanks to prostitution in Dolly and at Distance. One important experience is about drugs.

Drugs become important goods that have a value in the area Dolly and Jarak. The seller is scattered hawking drugs to visitors.

One of the important points is that as long as there is no desire at all and emerging hatred of drugs then it can be avoided.

Many times there are friends or neighbors who take drugs but the author always refused. The reason is simple that drugs not only destroy economically but also kill slowly.

Too slow to feel at all.

Drugs are one of the human destructive drugs in the world. Who is exposed to drugs is very difficult difficult to avoid because of its extraordinary addiction?

One way to avoid drugs is to strengthen belief in God and believe that drugs are a killer for us. Do not ever ever try drugs at all…it will kill us soon or later, trust me.

Pretty Criminals

Dolly and Jarak was prostitution places of Surabaya at that time left millions of experiences very useful for writers. Seriously that experience comes from parking customers where the author has a motorcycle parking business for 30 years.

Already since 6 years ago the author has moved home with family since Dolly and Jarak closed prostitution business.

One interesting experience is the meaning of evil money. Perhaps many people already understand that the proceeds of crime is not convenient for savings or investment by that ‘ hot money ‘. Criminal always mentioned like that.

There is one interesting experience that criminals get encouragement from the family.

This means the perpetrator of one of the children who gets the consent of his parents to commit a crime. The perpetrator becomes the joy of committing a crime.

The fondness of evil is stealing a motorcycle or pick pocketing at Surabaya around.

And as parents would want their children away from evil. But this time the parents really hope from the results of crime to support the family’s economy.

Strange yet real it turns out there is a family that helps the morality of the perpetrators of their children’s crimes.

This story is real because the author knows for himself the perpetrator and the family. His house is not far from the author’s house. This is real life in this world.

Not always theory becomes the foundation of building a family civilization.

Gambling And Sex

One of the exciting moments in prostitution Dolly and Jarak is the gambling dice. Game gambling dice done at certain hours illegally. Many of visitor like to join gambling dice.

Not many opened gambling dice at the time. Because at that time only dared to just open with one board, then people around trying to luck by opening legal gambling.

Judi / gambling dice is only done in one place in one of the alleys in the distance for whore. Typical gambling dice guess the right number. Some visitors like the gambling dice.

Suppose … if only … if in Dolly and Distance opened gambling official then the economic benefits will be higher. The problem of gambling is strictly prohibited in the country of Indonesia.

But that does not mean gambling can be removed as easily as removing prostitution.

Gambling and prostitution decorate the world without ever stopping it. There are many ways to play gambling because some people love gambling. Gambling lover still can do it anywhere with many way.

This is an important lesson in Dolly and Jarak that everyone has a different likes or hobbies. Forever will not change that fondness.

As if already ingrained, like someone who likes fishing hobby, reading, sports then will like the activity for various reasons.

So with gambling and prostitution. If the customer won so they spend for sex with whore until in the morning.

Criminal Life

Dolly and Jarak as a prostitution area in Surabaya at that time provide tremendous benefits for writers. Not just a matter of economics but knowledge and experience.

Perhaps for the neighboring or neighboring writers only provide economic benefits. Not just for writers. During the opening of motorcycle parking business, the author interacted with millions of customers.

The author is always learning and learning about the meaning of real life. This means that in real terms because of parking customers who come from different backgrounds, they explain the true meaning of life.

Customer parking writers appreciate sky-high because of them our family can live. Our economy is driven by their presence.

Our business at home is dependent on prostitution but not a prostitute who lives directly in our lives. Loyal customers who provide a living.

The lesson that writers collect in terms of the life meaning of parking customers is life is an option.

The smallest criminals start pickpockets, fraudsters to corruption is the choice of life. They are aware and understand that their actions are wrong. The realize that his live face the police guns but afraid of face the death.

Death part of they live.

They themselves are telling the author that the act of being a villain is a life choice. This method is the choice to live as he want.

There is no other way, because it is the way that suits the conscience. Wrong for others is not wrong for them because it is an option. No one can stop they way in this life. Life or death is choice, they accepted the destiny be criminal.

Nothing can stop the culprit as long as the heart is still pounding, beating, and the blood flow is still flowing.


Prostitutes who are in the best for prostitute get jobs as whore. The whore always learn how to provide inward satisfaction to their customers.

Sex satisfaction must be given to the customer to keep returning.

At Dolly and Jarak at that time all prostitutes are racing to improve sex play patterns on the bed for sex lovers. Competition is pretty tight at Dolly and in Jarak. The goal is the sex lover always come back to her. If the customer loved her so this business is success. Money depend on the loyal sex lovers to come everyday to get satisfaction on bed.

Sex customers have different tastes for sex with prostitutes.

This is the incredible sensation of playing sex with prostitutes in Dolly and Distance or elsewhere. In general, prostitutes give extraordinary sensation to all sex customers.

Sex satisfaction seekers always want different tastes and nuances that give satisfaction. Money does not matter to sex lovers.

Anywhere either by the bank of river or in the luxury hotel whores always give extraordinary satisfaction for lovers of sex.

Prostitutes understand that the higher the pay will be given more. The bigger the pay, the more exciting the game will be. Prostitutes everywhere have understood and understood that under no circumstances customer satisfaction remains number one.

Sex And Beer

Dolly and Jarak proximity of a well-known prostitution in Surabaya. Various life phenomena that make the author realize the significance of meaning meaningfulness of life.

One of life’s exciting experiences is to love beer.

He’s one of the author’s customers who every weekend always comes rolling with his friends drinking beer at the Slamet Jaya karaoke in the Jarak street. They never drink until drunk.

So every day always drink beer at least one bottle. The author has a customer who loves beer. He told a writer like this ”

I really love beer beer since high school. Initially mediocre with a beer but loved beer after work.

Almost every day drink a beer at least one bottle.

Well … if you meet with friends of beer lovers then we with friends can drink beer bottles up to one box.

After drinking beer at Dolly and Jarak then afterwards we all my friends want to enjoy the sensation of sleeping with prostitutes.

Whore brings joy on the bed.

Beer gives an extraordinary sensation while on the bed playing sex with prostitutes. Somehow this body fits perfectly with beer. Beer does not make us drunk just a little dizzy but we remain self-conscious.

Beer and prostitute into two words that we love very much.

This story is honestly said by one of the parking customers. The author’s business name in Jarak is name parkir Parking 64.

Nice Customer

One of the reasons why customers or visitors love Dolly and Jarak prostitution is free to choose whores at will. This means that every visitor chooses according to his money.

Every prostitute at Dolly has a different price, the same as those in the Jarak. Dolly and Jarak is close location for whore.

Besides the atmosphere at Dolly and at the Distance is great for partying to get drunk or sex with prostitutes.

This freedom makes visitors happy to come enjoy fun entertainment karaoke, sex, until drunk together with prostitutes.

In other areas of Surabaya it was very difficult to find a place to be happy and happy with prostitutes at that time.