Smart Choice

The life of a prostitute is not the same as that of other normal people. Prostitutes not only work hard but are much harder and heavier.

Prostitutes are aware of this. The level of awareness of prostitutes is generally the same because the duties and obligations remain the same.

Prostitutes has the same duty anywhere they work in this world :

1. Satisfy the sexual desires of men

2. Enjoy the customers

3. Exciting both his feelings, his heart, and his sexuality

4. Able to comfort with various ways

5. Mastering the technique of sexuality game

6. Understand every customer’s desire for sexuality

Again, every profession always has its level, the more expensive the prostitute means the social status, the economic status, the intellectual status is also high. In addition to being young, sexy, and beautiful.

The whore realize and understood what the risk from this job since the beginning be whore.


I Love U

desire always grows and grows to love you

I love you…

any shortcomings you have …

I know from the beginning know you

for some reason you are able to captivate my heart

Your face is not as pretty as an angel

your aura comes from within you

You give me what you know

you dedicate yourself just for me

you sacrifice full of struggle to the point of last blood

you stand for my true love for me

all my life you dedicate to me

thanks my wife …

you are the true love of love that is in you

you will live all the time with me forever

Only Love

do you understand the love of my friend

how great is the meaning of love for human life

the riches of love are beyond measure in this world

it is not easy to have that real love

love does not just possess

love is not as simple as to be known

love is not the only way to be enjoyed

love is not like that

love is the most beautiful gift of Him

love … present to please conscience

love is power

love is the greatest desire to love one another

love grows all the time

love ….. is there for all of us

love exists and for us not hurt each other …..

Relation Goals

Idealism is a concept of perfection that can also mean obeying rules, norms, laws to look right and good.

Just look at all the religious teachings in this world there is nothing to do evil for other humans.

Every religion teaches only the good and the virtue to forge human-human relationships with the Creator.

But not all people are perfectly capable of carrying out His commands and prohibiting Him !!!! Because it is not easy and requires a long process to understand.

Well, dollypress loyal readers … change can be negative if there is deviation outside of idealism.

For example the choice to live alone when man is a social creature. There are many rules, norms, sila that are violated either intentionally or not by many humans.

The impact is of course there are falling victims both physical and non physical.

What happens when building a household without a strong bond of love? Divorce is sure to happen.

Good Habit

Whatever your religious and what u beliefs, loyal dollypress readers around the world, nothing will matter to the world. As long as what U have done never harm people, nature, or u self.

Again no problem.

Because religion and beliefs take place, are formed, and done by people who genuinely persuade them to share common good in this world.

All religious teachings and teachings of faith are all for the salvation of mankind in this world.

Believe it or not.

Although because of religion and belief some people feel “apart and fragmented” because there is a difference !!!!

No need to fuss about it. From the birth of every human being there is always a different kind of parent or someone else.

Shape, color, height, purpose of life, everyone’s desire is not the same since we born int this world. So do not be surprised because the difference just makes the beauty in this world more beautiful.

What happens if you only see the ocean without bounds !!!!

What happens if you only see the sea of sand in the desert sahara !!!!

Choice Lifestyle

Prostitutes are also human, prostitutes also need the job he wants according to his ability and will.

Prostitute one of the oldest profession in the world with physical capital.

The work of prostitutes is considered immoral because it sells its body to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to be served in exchange for money.

The fact of life in this world is always there demand and need.

There are prostitutes there who deliberately held it and someone needs it. Prostitutes are present in this world rather than suddenly.

Prostitutes themselves understand how to work as prostitutes. The prostitute is aware from the start decides to become a prostitute.

All consequences and risks are understood from the beginning.

The point is that the prostitute does not look immoral or not, but the prostitute works on money, regardless of his body being sold to satisfy many people.

Pretty Girl

desi …… just a name for a beautiful woman

your beauty still shines brightly

beauty continues to harass the people around you

the beauty of your curves fascinates anyone close to you

my friend …

how beautiful you do not know me

the first time I saw you

the first time I looked at your body

the shadow was never out of my mind

you … you are so perfect a beautiful woman

tens of years I know you

that aura of beauty that pays me …

shadows …. still shadows

drifting overhead … free of clouds in the sky

shadows that I can not hold

shadows that I can not touch with feelings