Pretty Criminals

Dolly and Jarak was prostitution places of Surabaya at that time left millions of experiences very useful for writers. Seriously that experience comes from parking customers where the author has a motorcycle parking business for 30 years.

Already since 6 years ago the author has moved home with family since Dolly and Jarak closed prostitution business.

One interesting experience is the meaning of evil money. Perhaps many people already understand that the proceeds of crime is not convenient for savings or investment by that ‘ hot money ‘. Criminal always mentioned like that.

There is one interesting experience that criminals get encouragement from the family.

This means the perpetrator of one of the children who gets the consent of his parents to commit a crime. The perpetrator becomes the joy of committing a crime.

The fondness of evil is stealing a motorcycle or pick pocketing at Surabaya around.

And as parents would want their children away from evil. But this time the parents really hope from the results of crime to support the family’s economy.

Strange yet real it turns out there is a family that helps the morality of the perpetrators of their children’s crimes.

This story is real because the author knows for himself the perpetrator and the family. His house is not far from the author’s house. This is real life in this world.

Not always theory becomes the foundation of building a family civilization.