Sex And Drugs

At a long time ago when Dolly and Jarak still running sex business for the author is a real life science storehouse that is very useful and useful to live life in this world.

Why not ?

Because the reality of life is always dynamic, growing endlessly, and not endless. Imagine one location that lives 24 non stop always visited by many lovers of the night world.

Visited by many people around Surabaya and outside the city of Surabaya.

At that time, the business thrived so that the author could go to college thanks to prostitution in Dolly and at Distance. One important experience is about drugs.

Drugs become important goods that have a value in the area Dolly and Jarak. The seller is scattered hawking drugs to visitors.

One of the important points is that as long as there is no desire at all and emerging hatred of drugs then it can be avoided.

Many times there are friends or neighbors who take drugs but the author always refused. The reason is simple that drugs not only destroy economically but also kill slowly.

Too slow to feel at all.

Drugs are one of the human destructive drugs in the world. Who is exposed to drugs is very difficult difficult to avoid because of its extraordinary addiction?

One way to avoid drugs is to strengthen belief in God and believe that drugs are a killer for us. Do not ever ever try drugs at all…it will kill us soon or later, trust me.