Sharing life together

Dolly and Jarak provide a very meaningful experience for writers. One experience that comes from parking customers is a matter of understanding the meaning of life in this world. Dolly and Jarak non only about sex, drunk, and criminal. For me Dolly and Jarak is big library of life.

It is true if really know and learn it.

According to one parking customer called AA initials.

He said, “life must share inevitably, there is nothing alone or a single event because life always interacts with each other.”

Examples are like cigarettes.

The doctor said that smoking is harmful with various scientific reasons such as containing various toxins that damage the limbs !!!

Is it true ?

According to AA parking customers that smoking is dependent on the physical strength of each person. If smoking is harmful to the health of the body why not close the cigarette factory.

Simply why bother to forbid people to smoke.

Life must share the meaning of smoking as well as charity. If he does not smoke who gives nafksh tobacco farmers ???????

Still said AA has been smoking since young then charity kindness already accumulate tons! This is the meaning of life that must be shared before it is forced to be shared.