Triad Of death

3 series of demons that exist in this world whether it is intentional or not human. Where there is poverty there is evil. Where there is a crime arise prostitution.

The triad is like an inseparable system.

Dolly and Jarak Prostitution spaces provide a free place for criminals to get together, enjoy the evening entertainment and play sex with prostitutes.

No one can tell whether the visitors in brothel prostitution are criminals or not. But as a citizen who has lived 30 years in Dolly and Distance would already know.

They own the same chimney writer in the parking lot.

They make the location of prostitution to share many things one of them share the proceeds of crime and celebrated with drinks in the bar or karaoke. Sometime they fuck with whore at night.

The facts of life that somehow can be created, petty criminals up to kakap class very happy to be able to share many things with his friends in Dolly and Jarak.