True Story

NTM3 1092

Dolly and Jarak make the author sure the journey of life in this world is laden with mulfti interpretation. The interpretation of the meaning of life is as vast as the boundless ocean.

Dolly and Jarak given me everything about goals of life.

For writers, millions of lessons make the writer sure to do good in this world. Why ? Because in prostitution Dolly and Distance provide noble life values.

One example is to do good by helping.

Helping someone who really needs help such as providing psychological help when there is a household problem.

The author gives advice to parking customers who already know or not.

Millions of people have consulted many things with the author except for religion or belief. The question of belief is subjective, personal.

So the topic is always the author to avoid.

Even the author once gave advice to one of the parking customers about the problem of the household. So the story of parking customers chatting with the author while waiting for his theme is still prostitute.

From these chats the author can understand the problem and provide the solution appropriately. Parking customers are surprised to hear from the author’s advice.

He was surprised and tried to calmly understand the author’s advice. After a few minutes of contemplation what the author said it is true that the solution is like that.

Then he gave money to the author of Rp10,000 in 2000, 17 years ago. This is a form of help that provides an appropriate target solution.

Not for profit but looking for blessings. This is true story, I never lie for share this is because this is my life.


Life Is Hard

Years of life in brothel brothels proliferate to form the character and personality of a rock-bottom writer in the ocean. The hard life makes the mindset as sharp as the Japanese samurai.

30 years old living in prostitution Dolly and Jarak at that time.

Millions of important experiences have been record writers not to lose. Why ? Because it is worth a real experience compared to a theory.

A theory still requires testing, tests, hypotheses to state the truth. But the experience at Dolly and Distance is a fact of life.

For example, married couples have problems. One of the problems is that his wife became a prostitute. Though households have been recovered years, have children, family finances sufficient.

According to her husband who consulted with the author stated there is no problem at home !!!

The husband gets information that the wife is working at Dolly and Jarak as a prostitute. The father and his children were heavily stressed and saddened to hear the information.

Her husband’s friend has seen her wife in Dolly and Distance. So what do you want in word?

According to this writer life in this world how our loved ones can become a prostitute !!!! Of course there is a problem that is never revealed.



Dolly and Jarak became the best place to learn to know the ins and outs of real human life. One of the most important keywords is patience.

Patience became a keyword because of the phenomenon of life in Dolly and Distance is different from other areas in Surabaya.

Why is that? Because life in prostitution is cruel, wicked, sadistic, who is strong is indeed, full of hypocrisy, and tremendous destruction from the side of moralality.

Just imagine, the perpetrators of crime often make a commotion to create a fashion of evil. If there is a commotion then many customers who see, no longer focus on his wallet, cell phone, or other valuables.

Fraud always occurs in the localization of Dolly and Distance.

Patience becomes very important to avoid crime. But that used to be … when there was a prostitution business. We can enjoy live at
Dolly and Jarak with patience. Only patience not the other.

This is the most important lesson as long as the author lived in Dolly and Distance for 30 years.

Criminal Wanted

Here are some reasons why small criminals to street criminals love to be in Dolly and Distance to enjoy their crime?

The street criminals also love to live in the prostitution of Dolly and Jarak prostitution. The best place to stay and fee for rent a house was cheap.

So Dolly and Jarak are like headquarters for all criminals. The reality is like this because many houses are occupied by criminals.

For people around the criminals such as prostitutes do not experience significant disruption. They never hurt the people around.

Well, some reasons are very convenient in Dolly and Jarak like this:

1. Localization gives joy because prostitutes provide night warmth for sex and drink beer to warm up.

2. there are a number of karaoke that are very convenient for discussions about crime

3. there are plenty of places for discussion such as small restaurants while drinking beer

Dolly and Jarak became favorite locations for many things for criminals.

But … it was … it used to … once … when the whore still exist ……. now … has changed. Because the prostitution business has closed and not many karaoke companies are opening the business.

Values Life

Dolly and Jarak as prostitution localization provide tremendous life values ​​for author. Localization is like a living library to explain real human life.

Honestly the author says so.

Here’s an example that from millions of visitors each year the author can learn millions of valuable experiences. Like a profitable golden ocean.

First, about prostitution.

So far not many people know and understand why someone can become a prostitute. Secondly many people do not know how to run a prostitution business, the third how prostitutes live themselves.

Then there is a tremendous impact on life outside the prostitute.

Prostitutes are like pearls worth trillions of rupiah. Because where there are prostitutes running a business then the location is always crowded and has a high level of business.

Though prostitutes never promoted in any media.

Prostitution business never promoted then why always many who visit and enjoy the beauty of the night with prostitutes ??????????

The important point is this is the choice of life to choose from like or dislike.


One of those places … that time … when a successful prostitution business in Surabaya was Dolly and Jarak. The localization of prostitution provides great joy, luxurious happiness, and unparalleled pleasure.

Some say that it’s all a mere falsehood !!!!!

If so … why? Because of all the visitors, all the men who came to Dolly and Jarak were just looking for love and sex fake. But sex was true..given satisfaction so good who love sex.

Repeatable falsehoods may be a fact of life. For lovers of sex lovers do not question it. As long as you can be happy with prostitutes then the satisfaction has been obtained.

At Dolly and at Jarak gives amazing sexual satisfaction to visitors. Prostitution, drunkenness, and karaoke give tremendous joy to all customers. This dominance is so strong that all men love all three.

All prostitutes as satisfied sexual appetite on the bed, drunk satisfy the mind, and sing inner satisfaction. Everything is full of falseness that can produce love.

Love can flourish in Dolly and Jarak due to romance between prostitutes with visitors, prostitutes with local people.

There are times when love brings tremendous success even though not all prostitutes are well. There are times when love causes destruction for prostitutes if not careful to accept the presence of love.


Nice Curvy Body

One of the typical prostitutes who many customers at Dolly and Jarak who many customer as follows:

1. High physics becomes an option rather than a short body

2. Appearance of sexy body shape

3. Beautiful face become a favorite and she is still young about 20 years

4. the milk is big and sexy

5. hospitality and fun on the bed

6. master the game of sex game perfectly and know passion customers

7. The belly is not too much fat

8. Her smile looks sincere

9. Good communication can be fun to chat before playing sex

10. her pussy is always wet and her fur is not thick

11. if playing sex is very satisfactory with indication durable

12. can smell and swallow penis well


This information is accurate and up to date that the author gets from the customers.