Street Crime

Dolly and Jarak is bypassed by a very strategic main line to connect the central part of Surabaya with the South or the west. Strategic road conditions so that the highway area Dolly and Distance has a high economic value.

If this location were not for prostitution then this location would be a less crowded and profitable area in business.

However, due to its strategic location, the sale value of houses and land is very high. This is the advantage of owning land or houses in the Dolly area and Surabaya Distance.

An interesting experience during a stay at Dolly and Jarak is a mixture of people with an unclear background.

One of them is an acquaintance with street criminals.

From them the writer can know a lot of street crime one of them motor thieves. According to the perpetrator who once knew the author that stealing the motor is very easy and easy.

The only way to keep an eye on the lonely places on the streets. The mode can vary according to the circumstances. For example, if the streets deserted then must pay attention to the road conditions whether smooth or not, whether many coffee shops, whether the target is clear target.

This monitoring is important because it must be done quickly and accurately. Motorcycle theft in the streets should be wary of potential victims, better women who alone riding a motorcycle.

Usually the perpetrator rides two motors with one passenger so there are four, his first task hit the front motor and an executor if potential victims fight.

The second task observes the situation and then takes the motor. Four of the perpetrators have their respective tasks so that no mistakes are made. The principal capital is usually a sharp weapon.

The true story of the crime mode on the streets.If they succeed done so they will spend the result to Dolly and Jarak for drunk or have sex with whore.


Pretty Criminals

Dolly and Jarak was prostitution places of Surabaya at that time left millions of experiences very useful for writers. Seriously that experience comes from parking customers where the author has a motorcycle parking business for 30 years.

Already since 6 years ago the author has moved home with family since Dolly and Jarak closed prostitution business.

One interesting experience is the meaning of evil money. Perhaps many people already understand that the proceeds of crime is not convenient for savings or investment by that ‘ hot money ‘. Criminal always mentioned like that.

There is one interesting experience that criminals get encouragement from the family.

This means the perpetrator of one of the children who gets the consent of his parents to commit a crime. The perpetrator becomes the joy of committing a crime.

The fondness of evil is stealing a motorcycle or pick pocketing at Surabaya around.

And as parents would want their children away from evil. But this time the parents really hope from the results of crime to support the family’s economy.

Strange yet real it turns out there is a family that helps the morality of the perpetrators of their children’s crimes.

This story is real because the author knows for himself the perpetrator and the family. His house is not far from the author’s house. This is real life in this world.

Not always theory becomes the foundation of building a family civilization.

Criminal Life

Dolly and Jarak as a prostitution area in Surabaya at that time provide tremendous benefits for writers. Not just a matter of economics but knowledge and experience.

Perhaps for the neighboring or neighboring writers only provide economic benefits. Not just for writers. During the opening of motorcycle parking business, the author interacted with millions of customers.

The author is always learning and learning about the meaning of real life. This means that in real terms because of parking customers who come from different backgrounds, they explain the true meaning of life.

Customer parking writers appreciate sky-high because of them our family can live. Our economy is driven by their presence.

Our business at home is dependent on prostitution but not a prostitute who lives directly in our lives. Loyal customers who provide a living.

The lesson that writers collect in terms of the life meaning of parking customers is life is an option.

The smallest criminals start pickpockets, fraudsters to corruption is the choice of life. They are aware and understand that their actions are wrong. The realize that his live face the police guns but afraid of face the death.

Death part of they live.

They themselves are telling the author that the act of being a villain is a life choice. This method is the choice to live as he want.

There is no other way, because it is the way that suits the conscience. Wrong for others is not wrong for them because it is an option. No one can stop they way in this life. Life or death is choice, they accepted the destiny be criminal.

Nothing can stop the culprit as long as the heart is still pounding, beating, and the blood flow is still flowing.

Rules Of Life By Criminal

All criminal have a rules about how to spend result of criminal. Not always places to spend a lot of money until million rupiah from criminal act.

In Surabaya used to a long time a ago when Dolly and Jarak still operated, criminal always stay at Dolly and Jarak a whore location for having fun and spent they act. Only a whore location us the best place for them.

A result dorm criminal is not good for save at bank or some place. In they rules, in criminal rules beliave or not, they believe that the money from criminal is not glory.

Criminal called ‘HOT MONEY’ is means the money can not save or buy good thing in this world because they act is quilty, wrong, and so bad.

Criminal money understood karma.

They realized that rules and they know about karma. But they ignore what have done before. All risk is criminal life.

So to forget and celebrate they result form act must spent to whore place. Doing sex, drunk, sing a song at karaoke, treesome, sex until in the morning.

All criminal will caught fast by cops if save the money at someplace. If they spend all the money…they have more chance to act again doing criminal. In Indonesia..criminal believe that actions and writer do not know with other country !!! But my opinoin all criminal is always the same…….about the principal of rules for doing bad thing.

Criminal Case

Criminal do the action depend situation, condition, dan opportunity. Each country in this world have the different act to do criminal.

The way of criminal and motif always the same by criminal.

All criminal have rules dan attitude the same always get money without hard work, fast, and happy ending after act.

Such as in big city in Indonesia, the criminal start small until big happen and never stop. Small act criminal happen at public transportation like Angkutan Kota/ small mini van, train, or bus. Pick pocket can operational in many place around the world included in recreation places. Because crowded and many people busy enjoy the traveling.

Perhaps the same happen in many country.

Important point from criminal act is they have a family and the family know that the husband act by criminal. And no questions why the lovely husband choice to select criminal.

As I know be criminal is jobs.

Jobs as criminal doing profesional and not afraid to stay in jail. The criminal always get money from the victim and never think any else.

The criminal always follow the principal that I just take the money and not take they live. But if situations out control and no way out so I had to kill the victim to depend our self.

Criminal Minds To Share With Whore

Criminal Minds Like To spend Time With The Whore and any clear reason.

Around the world the criminal start form a little until big usually many spend time with the whore when they succed get money or something.

Like used to at Dolly and Jarak, one of the biggest the whore center, this area live 24 hours, alwasy crowded by the criminal.

This fenomenal in cycle criminal.

This result from criminal always spend a lot of money to share with the whore. Why ? Because the money from criminal is not always not lucky money !!!

Do know why loyal readers ?

Money or somthing from bad habit like the criminal do will get karma. That money is bad luck and can not safe at bank or buy somthing importan in this live.

Money or something only can spend in many place to have fun like fuck with the whore, gambling, or drunk.

If this rule broke by criminal so not a long tima wlli caught by the Police or get karma.

What U eat so what u get out later.

Lolos Dari Maut


Kehidupan di dunia ini kadang oenuh cobaan dan godaan yang dilakukan oleh orang lain yang membenci diri kita. Bukan tanpa sebab tentu saja ada alasan mengapa ada orang berbuat jahat kepada kita.

Sebaiknya diri kita selalu respek dan tahu diri itulah sebagian kunci untuk meloloskan diri dari kejahatan yang sering mengancam harta atau nyawa kita.

Lolos dari maut seperti pejambret jalanan adalah sangat penting.

Inilah cara lolos dari maut pejambret jalanan :

– jangan membawa uang terlalu dan tidak perlu

– jangan naik becak sendirian atau berdua

– jangan membawa tas besar

– pakailah jaket dan masukkan benda berharga di dalam jaket atau di balik jaket

– kalau naik motor harus memakai jaket untuk melapisi tas

– usahakan jangan mengeluarkan benda berharga di tepian jalan raya seperti ponsel mahal, dompet dll