Cruel Intentions

The evil nature of man is very difficult to remove from within him because it may be part of him. Evil nature can be regarded as a person’s character.

The evil nature of man is more harmful to himself and others.

What characteristics to detect when there are humans who have evil characters? There are variants and varieties.

Here’s how to detect it:

1. From the look of the face is clearly emit a negative aura / uncomfortable views.

2. A suspicious look at others

3. His mindset is more selfish, always feel himself right

4. Not willing to admit mistakes made

5. What you want always wants to be answered

6. Do not want listen to people when talk or discuss

7. More affection for goods and money

8. Prefer others to listen to what they say

9. Everything always according to him, as if never make mistake

10. A narrow view of things, only focus for himself

11. If nothing is in line with his thinking regarded as someone else and do not want to be friends

12. Not willing to admit the actions he has done if wrong, always right for anything in this act

The evil nature can be owned by anyone from child to parent. The evil nature of a brand / brand itself. The problem sometimes people who have the nature of evil is not aware of himself, not aware of his evil nature.

The evil nature can be covered or camouflaged by its kind attitudes when there is purpose and purpose.

Is this a myth or a fact? Ask yourself and dig deeper who you are? Ask someone else if I am cruel?


Criminal Minds

Every evil done always has more intelligence to succeed. Any malicious action has a detailed strategy and manner in detail.

All the evil do not want the plan to fail.

Either basic what but the evil act has the right way to realize the target and the target. Every planned crime is planned for details and a maximum working system.

The principle of crime takes the rights of others in various ways. All risks are taken into account so that whatever the risks the perpetrators of crime have received.

Then what can we do?

Simply, if at home should never store valuables, if you have a business then there should be a special guard.

A thief goes into a house like a rat that goes in for a meal. Because at home provide food that invites the mice to enter.

Criminal Case

By the way it’s as easy as a boneless tongue, anyone can talk! As long as the organ of the mouth is complete, throat healthy, no disease then every human being can speak.

Like animals that can produce sound or voice to communicate !!!

Then a skilled swindler, a great con artist, has great communication skills to influence the other person with negative goals. Fraudsters also have a good physical appearance, perfect, supportive fashion appearance, and cool style appearance.

In Distance and Dolly and a number of prostitution locations professional con artists operate. For them the location of prostitution becomes the best location to do so.

Though it does not mean the fraudsters do not do anywhere else. Fraud with various modes they always develop. Target targets are anyone considered weak, greedy, lust of having valuables with cheap value.

There are times when they wear black magic but sometimes do not also affect the opponent.

Well, here’s how to avoid scams either on the streets, malls, airports, terminals, or places where they are comfortable to commit crimes;

1. focus and concentration, not to mind empty when invited to chat by someone who is not known. Ignore and go away without looking at his face.

2. secure valuable items such as smartphones, watches, purses, do not let them touch, hold, then lightning away to find a safer place.

3. do not want to be invited to communicate better still and then leave.

Such an attitude shows that we are ready to avoid the crime of deceit.

This true story is not engineering.

Crime Personality

Every crime never stops and never stands alone. People who do evil have the motivation, vision and mission, goals, and targets to be addressed.

All crime has a backdrop that is the main trigger. So when it is formed arises the intention as the main trigger of success of a crime.

Either the smallest to the greatest crime always has the same intentions. It is this malevolent intent that guides a person to carry out his will to succeed.

During this time as long as there is intention then all crimes have been done well.

The problem is afterwards. After the crime has been realized then usually the solution is not perfect.

This is why all crimes were successfully revealed by POLICE.

People who do evil are not intelligent, imperfect, unable to find the best solution of the crime.

Because crime is more dominated by grudge, anger, emotion, out of control, because it focuses more only on the beginning of evil. Important key targets can be accomplished…

Live Is Never Flat

all human beings are aware and aware

all healthy human minds

all human beings capable of using his mind

all human beings can and know

that every mistake always produces anxiety

every crime always harms itself

any fallacy can also harm others

every mindset always produces the fruit of action

all back to the deepest heart

wrong or true is already known

all already taken into account

the result is already known

the worst impact has been estimated

risk ready to accept

but still evil always happens

Out Of Control

the mistake was not originally done

every mistake is easy to do

the mistake is not just spoken

mistakes are not just thought of

the mistake is not only done

the mistake always begins with deliberate

the mistake begins with a grudge

the mistake is not just finished in an instant

the mistake is painful

the mistake is also destructive

it creates a dilemma

it can also destroy the future

the mistake must be accounted for

it is a risk that must be accepted

the mistake can not be denied

the error is karma

every mistake must responsible

Human Character

Human character really becomes an integral part of a person. Character is like the basic foundation of a sturdy and durable building.

During this time more man moved not only desire or dream but also by the character himself.

Everyone has a different character.

Well …. this character that encourages the increasing desire, desire, passion, the ideal to achieve his dream.

A real example of a comedian or comedian, has a fun character, entertaining, always trying to look funny at all times.

In him there is always the desire or the desire to make others laugh or smile when chatting with him.

This is the fact.

Everyone in the entertainment world has the same mission visa. Like the people who do entertainment business such as movies, soap operas, drama, comedy, music, poetry, painters, sculptors, dancers.

The audience also has the same character. All this fact is not engineering.

For someone who is typically quiet, introvert, not much talk will not like the world of entertainment !!!!!