Crime Personality

Every crime never stops and never stands alone. People who do evil have the motivation, vision and mission, goals, and targets to be addressed.

All crime has a backdrop that is the main trigger. So when it is formed arises the intention as the main trigger of success of a crime.

Either the smallest to the greatest crime always has the same intentions. It is this malevolent intent that guides a person to carry out his will to succeed.

During this time as long as there is intention then all crimes have been done well.

The problem is afterwards. After the crime has been realized then usually the solution is not perfect.

This is why all crimes were successfully revealed by POLICE.

People who do evil are not intelligent, imperfect, unable to find the best solution of the crime.

Because crime is more dominated by grudge, anger, emotion, out of control, because it focuses more only on the beginning of evil. Important key targets can be accomplished…


Live Is Never Flat

all human beings are aware and aware

all healthy human minds

all human beings capable of using his mind

all human beings can and know

that every mistake always produces anxiety

every crime always harms itself

any fallacy can also harm others

every mindset always produces the fruit of action

all back to the deepest heart

wrong or true is already known

all already taken into account

the result is already known

the worst impact has been estimated

risk ready to accept

but still evil always happens

Out Of Control

the mistake was not originally done

every mistake is easy to do

the mistake is not just spoken

mistakes are not just thought of

the mistake is not only done

the mistake always begins with deliberate

the mistake begins with a grudge

the mistake is not just finished in an instant

the mistake is painful

the mistake is also destructive

it creates a dilemma

it can also destroy the future

the mistake must be accounted for

it is a risk that must be accepted

the mistake can not be denied

the error is karma

every mistake must responsible

Human Character

Human character really becomes an integral part of a person. Character is like the basic foundation of a sturdy and durable building.

During this time more man moved not only desire or dream but also by the character himself.

Everyone has a different character.

Well …. this character that encourages the increasing desire, desire, passion, the ideal to achieve his dream.

A real example of a comedian or comedian, has a fun character, entertaining, always trying to look funny at all times.

In him there is always the desire or the desire to make others laugh or smile when chatting with him.

This is the fact.

Everyone in the entertainment world has the same mission visa. Like the people who do entertainment business such as movies, soap operas, drama, comedy, music, poetry, painters, sculptors, dancers.

The audience also has the same character. All this fact is not engineering.

For someone who is typically quiet, introvert, not much talk will not like the world of entertainment !!!!!

Karma Law

Living in this world is not fiddling, self-destructive, free to do what we like, or without ever thinking about the impact of an act. Life is an option. That’s clear.

But the choice will live without any rules or norms.

Not all rules should be legally or legally enforceable. The attitudes and behaviors of life in this world are indiscriminately.

Can believe it or not. Not a matter of faith or religious affairs but life itself is a sense of meaning and deep meaning.

Life is karma, everything is worth it, there is a consequence, its impact, and some give it a rating. All life in this world, in any country there is always a rule of well written or not.

Written rules can be studied until the details are 100% understood. So no wonder there are experts or legal experts either criminal or civil.

But humanity transgresses a definite and clear law even though it is not written LAW KARMA.

The law of karma, none of which is expert or can understand it. The law of karma is a fair punishment for humanity on earth.

Life is a real karma. What we do as small as anything has always been the impact and consequences !!!!! Impacts that take the risk of either deliberate or not.

Who violates the law of world karma must live in this world will not calm his soul, not calmly live life in the world start to wake up to sleep again ?????

Whatever our actions can not possibly be condoned or forgiven when it happens. Not all the mistakes that have been forgiven have been done. Again there is no such thing.



High Risk Job

Dolly and Jarak as prostitution area have closed the business of prostitution. There is no prostitution business openly open.

The prostitution business at Dolly and Jarak is closed forever.

Dear reader the author wants to share millions of experiences while living in Dolly and Jarak to readers.

Why ? This experience can use to anyone in this wrld.

Because the real experience has been done by many people who feel right. One interesting experience is getting acquainted with good and intelligent people with writers.

During keeping the motorcycle parking business, the author has many chances to chat with millions of customers. This is an exciting experience for being able to chat. From this conversation a variety of interesting experiences the author gets.

For example how is the mindset of a thief or criminal?

For a thief or perpetrator of a crime from small to large is a job. Work to do with professionals.

All risks are taken into account so wanting to live or die is a life choice. All criminals understand it honestly as a high-risk job.

Street Crime

Dolly and Jarak is bypassed by a very strategic main line to connect the central part of Surabaya with the South or the west. Strategic road conditions so that the highway area Dolly and Distance has a high economic value.

If this location were not for prostitution then this location would be a less crowded and profitable area in business.

However, due to its strategic location, the sale value of houses and land is very high. This is the advantage of owning land or houses in the Dolly area and Surabaya Distance.

An interesting experience during a stay at Dolly and Jarak is a mixture of people with an unclear background.

One of them is an acquaintance with street criminals.

From them the writer can know a lot of street crime one of them motor thieves. According to the perpetrator who once knew the author that stealing the motor is very easy and easy.

The only way to keep an eye on the lonely places on the streets. The mode can vary according to the circumstances. For example, if the streets deserted then must pay attention to the road conditions whether smooth or not, whether many coffee shops, whether the target is clear target.

This monitoring is important because it must be done quickly and accurately. Motorcycle theft in the streets should be wary of potential victims, better women who alone riding a motorcycle.

Usually the perpetrator rides two motors with one passenger so there are four, his first task hit the front motor and an executor if potential victims fight.

The second task observes the situation and then takes the motor. Four of the perpetrators have their respective tasks so that no mistakes are made. The principal capital is usually a sharp weapon.

The true story of the crime mode on the streets.If they succeed done so they will spend the result to Dolly and Jarak for drunk or have sex with whore.