Money Is Everything

Life history records that prostitution occurred since the time of the prophet. This means that prostitution is more dominated by women do exist.

There are millions of reasons why women would rather be prostitutes.

Currently prostitution has become a business like sports business, there is buying and selling players, there is a player contract, and there is a boss behind the trade.

Prostitution in the modern era is more focused on business than sexual pleasure itself.

Money is the main attraction for prostitutes to live prostitution business. Although prostitutes themselves are free to choose whether at the bottom or top level or choose freely. This means freeline to choose potential customers.

Prostitution is a real moral issue. A poorly maintained morality can easily engage in prostitution.

Good morality must have good faith as the main driver for women not to engage in prostitution.


Desire Climax

A prostitute is very difficult to leave the profession that they have been doing for a long time. It was as if the activity of prostitution had become part of him.

The prostitute profession seems to stick to her so that wherever a prostitute will find a place to sell her.

This is a fact of human history that the author sees clearly.

The locations of prostitution exist all over the world either visible or covert. There is a reason why a prostitute loves his profession.

One of the reasons is the impulse of sexual desire and enjoyment enjoying the body of a man or himself is also comfortable with sexual activity.

Sexuality is what makes prostitutes feel happy to profession. In addition to getting money that is not too difficult and a sense of sexuality that quench the thirst of his passion. The whore feel reach top desire level in her life.

Hard Option

Every woman who is a prostitute profession must have calculated clearly all the risks. It is not easy to decide on this option. Because only her know what will happen right now or in the future with her options.

All risk must be borne by the prostitute itself. Like a sexually transmitted disease, the risk of pregnancy, or an unclear future.

Except prostitutes who join certain organizations or groups. Because some whore join group in order to safe and avoid the risk from the bad guys.

The prostitutes are well aware that the risks are so great in the prostitute profession. Life is the choice then whatever the risk of a prostitute should be ready.

The prostitute profession requires not only a beautiful and sexy appearance but also a dare to face the risk.

In addition to physical risks as well as competition among prostitutes is also tight. Once again any risk all prostitutes are really ready to face.

As happened in prostitution Distance and Dolly back then.

Do Not Be Selfish

There is a big question in the author’s heart why life should be rich? Why only one life have to have a lot of money?

As if living in this world just looking for money and money !!! Money is the key word of human travel in this world.

Is it true that life is to make money and accumulate wealth.

Do we really need social status? If yes for what social status it is necessary for healthy and sane man.

Does life need a lot of recognition from millions of people? Does life have to be famous like a celebrity who is everywhere always looking for attention or limelight ????

The answer can vary according to the capacity, intelligence, and honesty of human beings how to make sense of life in this world. Life does not only meet the goals, targets, intentions, desires that are all for their own personal interests.

Life must share many things to meet the interests of others.

Memory Can Not Be Read

The Jarak and Dolly were gone, meaning the prostitution business that catapulted Dolly’s name and Distance could be famous all over the world.

Changes continue in the Jarak and Dolly region.

But the name can not be lost from human memory. Jarak and Dolly provide millions of experiences, stories, and stories for either the residents or the upcoming. There is a sensational story especially for prostitution businesses that have been worldwide.

For a prostitute there remains a prostitute, wherever the location for the prostitute is the same.

A prostitute is like a loyal service for sexuality for those who need it. The life of a whore is merely sexuality.

Although prostitution business is still a profitable business. There are many businesses involved in the affairs of prostitution.

This real story is not engineering when it used to be Distance and Dolly there is still a business of prostitution.

Hurt Person

There is a reason why a person chooses a prostitute profession in this world. In addition to economic reasons but there are also other reasons.

One of the thousands of reasons is revenge.

A woman, woman, daughter is willing to sacrifice her pride because of her unnatural breakup by her boyfriend. Can be because of an affair or deliberately decided his love to move to another heart.

As a result the woman was hurt by her boyfriend. In addition, sometimes keladisannya also snatched so as to increase prolonged grudge.

Well, dear and faithful dollypress readers around the world. This kind of impact is huge for women who can be said to be victims of unhealthy romance.

So to melempas or eliminate heartache, women will usually choose as a prostitute to quench the thirst of his sexuality towards men.

Because as a free prostitute alternated lovers, free to choose which men to invite sexualias.

Little satisfaction is what makes the prostitutes entertained his soul from hurt.

This is a true story not engineering.

What Wrong

if I’m the wrong whore I am

if I’m a criminal I’m wrong

if I’m corrupt I’m wrong

how easy it is to blame a mistake

how easy to see deficiencies

how easy to look at a mistake whether intentionally or not

this is the only way

this is just to punish me

life is the choice for everyone

right and wrong it said who

because that punishes

because of the blame

everything is not necessarily honest ….

only honesty can save people …