Sexiest Woman

Dolly and Jarak has been the location of the lust for lovers of sexuality. There is one reason why visitors come to Dolly localization and Distance whenever they want to channel sex appetite ???

The author understands from the customer parking reasons at the author’s home that became a motorcycle parking lot for some visitors.

One reason is that they want to channel the sexual desires in the right place. The location of the place is localization and the right woman is a professional woman in her profession as a prostitute.

Understanding lovers of sexuality is a prostitute is the greatest woman on the bed.

The prostitutes have been great with years of experience of sexual relationships with various men. It is this greatness that attracts the desires of millions of men to enjoy the prowess of prostitutes in bed.

Money for male sex lovers is not a problem as long as you can enjoy sexual satisfaction with prostitutes. Moreover, the prostitute is beautiful, sexy, big milk, and very delicious game on the bed.

Dolly and Jarak when it really is the best location and the best time to satisfy the thirst of the lust of male sex lovers.

Bad Action

Dolly and Jarak are like the best locations to learn about the real philosophy of human life. Not for Surabaya but for the citizens of the world.

Why ?

Because here, in Dolly and Jarak all the patterns of human life presented clearly and proven because each shows who he is?

Authors want to share experiences, one of which is a person who has evil and like to do evil then the evil into his life. Many kind of people visited to Dolly and Jarak with many goals. There are bad and good…

Call it A, one of the parking customers at the author’s place. He told me the truth about his bad, and I believe what he said to me, He and I talk by heart to heart at night so no one know.

You see, he told the author that he had killed a friend of his because he betrayed him. His body was dumped in the ocean after being stabbed with a knife. This action is done together with his friends as many as five people.

The reason for killing in addition to betraying him also violates what is to be accurate. A is one of the dice gamblers and his friends report to the Police. So he was caught so he was furious after getting out of prison he was looking for his friend’s friend to be killed.

The lesson to learn is that evil always wants to harm someone when understanding that killing is a sin. Killing for bad people is a common thing to meet the needs of evil desires.

When the authors ask him whether they are fill sorry? He said what for killing for sorry, victim already dead !!!!

Life Is Strange

What happened to prostitutes, the prostitute family after the closing of the prostitution of Dolly and Jarak of Surabaya? Of course all has been prepared by the prostitutes.

Prostitution business people are also far ahead of preparing. Either way !!!

However, the name of a prostitute always has a way how to get out of the ‘bad’ fate in order to live normal like everyone else. All prostitutes will determine the ways and ways of each life.

As the saying goes that LIVING IS A CHOICE.

The biggest problem is not only borne by the prostitute itself but what about the household economy, the children who still need economic support from the work of prostitution !!!!

Possible many who do not care and do not want to know.

But from the thoughts and experiences of writers who for years have lived in Dolly and Jarak that they are always ready to face the challenges of life as hard as anything in this world.

The work of prostitutes is the toughest job in the world then closure is not a problem for them. Most likely like this.

Prostitutes always have a way to live in this world their way. Same thing with criminals who can live with good people in this world.

Destiny Of Life

All prostitutes understand her passion even though not all are bad. Some of them can get good luck or bad luck as long as be prostitutes. Poor and not very dependent on prostitutes themselves how to manage the money.

There are times when bad-filling prostitutes are forever be prostitutes until to old.

Is there regret in the prostitute? His name is of course there is a little regret but all the risks are well thought out will be his fate.

Of course all want a much better change.

Prostitutes like in Dolly and Jarak always understand that this is the risk of a very tough profession in the world. Self-esteem is no longer meaningful in a prostitute.

However, this risk has been calculated carefully.

Regretted the fate of no use then such as the principle of water that always flows to somewhere even though all hope ends up in the ocean.

Life goes on as the rotation of the sun shines around the earth. The principle of prostitutes as long as the body can still serve the customer then the prostitute profession continues.

Destiny all depend on the whore life.

Sex Drive

Wherever there are prostitutes, the atmosphere becomes much more enthusiastic and exciting for its million visitors. Prostitutes always provide a separate container for lovers of sexuality.

The profession of prostitutes already existed in the era of the prophets.

For some reason the prostitutes continued to grow and grow endlessly. Whores like a thief who constantly continue to launch a crime attack.

Dolly and Jarak became the nest to gather small-time criminals to large classes.

An interesting experience while staying in Dolly and Distance is one of loyalty. Loyalty among criminals is so high that when they react one partner takes care of his family.

The average offender is a family.

It’s just that they do not tell their families to do evil. During the course of the crime they never carry an identity card.

The criminals have never committed themselves, they always form teams.

If they get caught by the Police then they always say do not know. This is a criminal trick like this everywhere they commit a crime.

Dolly and Jarak at that time will became a place for them to have fun with prostitutes. The important point is that they are always loyal friends to work together to run a crime.

Gambling And Sex

One of the exciting moments in prostitution Dolly and Jarak is the gambling dice. Game gambling dice done at certain hours illegally. Many of visitor like to join gambling dice.

Not many opened gambling dice at the time. Because at that time only dared to just open with one board, then people around trying to luck by opening legal gambling.

Judi / gambling dice is only done in one place in one of the alleys in the distance for whore. Typical gambling dice guess the right number. Some visitors like the gambling dice.

Suppose … if only … if in Dolly and Distance opened gambling official then the economic benefits will be higher. The problem of gambling is strictly prohibited in the country of Indonesia.

But that does not mean gambling can be removed as easily as removing prostitution.

Gambling and prostitution decorate the world without ever stopping it. There are many ways to play gambling because some people love gambling. Gambling lover still can do it anywhere with many way.

This is an important lesson in Dolly and Jarak that everyone has a different likes or hobbies. Forever will not change that fondness.

As if already ingrained, like someone who likes fishing hobby, reading, sports then will like the activity for various reasons.

So with gambling and prostitution. If the customer won so they spend for sex with whore until in the morning.


Prostitutes who are in the best for prostitute get jobs as whore. The whore always learn how to provide inward satisfaction to their customers.

Sex satisfaction must be given to the customer to keep returning.

At Dolly and Jarak at that time all prostitutes are racing to improve sex play patterns on the bed for sex lovers. Competition is pretty tight at Dolly and in Jarak. The goal is the sex lover always come back to her. If the customer loved her so this business is success. Money depend on the loyal sex lovers to come everyday to get satisfaction on bed.

Sex customers have different tastes for sex with prostitutes.

This is the incredible sensation of playing sex with prostitutes in Dolly and Distance or elsewhere. In general, prostitutes give extraordinary sensation to all sex customers.

Sex satisfaction seekers always want different tastes and nuances that give satisfaction. Money does not matter to sex lovers.

Anywhere either by the bank of river or in the luxury hotel whores always give extraordinary satisfaction for lovers of sex.

Prostitutes understand that the higher the pay will be given more. The bigger the pay, the more exciting the game will be. Prostitutes everywhere have understood and understood that under no circumstances customer satisfaction remains number one.