Smart Choice

The life of a prostitute is not the same as that of other normal people. Prostitutes not only work hard but are much harder and heavier.

Prostitutes are aware of this. The level of awareness of prostitutes is generally the same because the duties and obligations remain the same.

Prostitutes has the same duty anywhere they work in this world :

1. Satisfy the sexual desires of men

2. Enjoy the customers

3. Exciting both his feelings, his heart, and his sexuality

4. Able to comfort with various ways

5. Mastering the technique of sexuality game

6. Understand every customer’s desire for sexuality

Again, every profession always has its level, the more expensive the prostitute means the social status, the economic status, the intellectual status is also high. In addition to being young, sexy, and beautiful.

The whore realize and understood what the risk from this job since the beginning be whore.


Choice Lifestyle

Prostitutes are also human, prostitutes also need the job he wants according to his ability and will.

Prostitute one of the oldest profession in the world with physical capital.

The work of prostitutes is considered immoral because it sells its body to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to be served in exchange for money.

The fact of life in this world is always there demand and need.

There are prostitutes there who deliberately held it and someone needs it. Prostitutes are present in this world rather than suddenly.

Prostitutes themselves understand how to work as prostitutes. The prostitute is aware from the start decides to become a prostitute.

All consequences and risks are understood from the beginning.

The point is that the prostitute does not look immoral or not, but the prostitute works on money, regardless of his body being sold to satisfy many people.

Life Forever

The Jarak and Dolly since the closing of the prostitution permit has changed greatly for the local people and the condition of the prostitution area.

The location that was previously crowded by visitors of vaginal lovers, beer lovers, fuss lovers, lovers of the night world, karaoke and bar lovers now no longer exists.

Information for dollypress readers around the world.

Now along Jl.Jarak is the center of many new businesses that grow into a lucrative business area.

An attractive business district to attract investment to open profitable businesses.

The question is where are the prostitutes that much?

According to the information the authors can be that they are looking for opportunities in other areas in a number of provinces. Because there are still prostitution businesses available even if not open.

The whore know what should they do for her life. The whore one of the jobs with high risk…so she all must smart in this life what ever is that.

Life Forever

A prostitute who has a beautiful face at Dolly and the distance sometimes becomes good for her. Beauty and beauty of a beautiful gift that brings good fortune.

There’s an interesting story in Distance and Dolly about the pretty whore.

Call it the A, looks sexy, beautiful face, skin soft, ideal body weight with weight. Si A looks like a professional model.

There is one customer parked at the author’s place who married her.

Marriage is normal. Si A also fell in love with the customer. In essence both seia sekata to marry, living together in the household.

Then what happened?

Apparently, A does not feel at home when her husband went to work. So he went out to Dolly and Distance to meet his old friends.

Her husband is dizzy and can not understand why it happened? Whereas at home all facilities are available.

This is proof that a prostitute is a woman who always wants to have entertainment for 24 hours inside her. Not just money …..

The whore is like a bird chirping in a cage, if the door is open then he will be out forever not wanting to go back to the cage except the cage belonging to someone else.

Taste For Life

What happens if the prostitute does not have a pretty face? What happens if the prostitute is not physically sexy?

Will the prostitute live for a prostitute in Dolly and Jarak ? Is the prostitute unable to compete with other prostitutes?

Loyal Readers Jarak and Dolly that not all customers of vagina lovers, prostitute lovers like beautiful and sexy prostitutes !!!!! Sex is taste not only nice service on bed……

Again not.

Choice is taste. Everyone has an appetite to experience a different sexual sensation.

Authors often meet with parking customers who love the prostitutes who are big or fat body.

The reason is his wife’s body is thin and does not look sexy anymore. But by sleeping with a prostitute who is heavy, fat, increase sexual desire to be much better. Sex more so nice for him.

For him sex is achieving the value of satisfaction rather than looking for a beautiful prostitute or sexy.

This story is not real engineering.

Nice Trying

the highest achievement is not easy to achieve

not every human being can carve out a feat

nothing is as simple

there is no origin to say a word

nothing does not begin and ends

achievement is a value of self-worth

achievement is evidence not a promise

achievement is the culmination of a career in human life

achievement is the realization of who I am

the highest achievement of man if I know who I am

only I know who I really am

the deepest point in the human mind

that is the ultimate achievement for every human being

in it enlightened the heart’s content is best



which is all not just for me but for all that exists in the world


Forgiving people’s mistakes is very easy. It’s easy to say that
, “Forgive me for my mistake.”

Said so everyone sane and normal mindset is very easy.

The problem is how much is the error? How big is the trauma caused by the mistake?

The capacity of the human mindset is not the same, the experience is not the same, the background is not the same.

Will all errors be easy to forgive? May be. But to forget the error is not easy. Because all the good and bad experiences always stick in our minds.

A big, painful, traumatic, lifelong, life-threatening, defective and physical disability is not easy to forget.

The mouth may say “Yes, I’m sorry.” But in the heart can not say so easy like that.

This is a fact not engineering. See and note the victims of genocide, the victims of physical disability and the mental defect caused by terrorism.